June 2018

Is your Parcel Technology prepared for the future?

Seven key elements to evaluate whether your platform is enabling or hindering your ability to respond to the ever-increasing magnitude of change [a three-part series].


May 2018

Top Takeaways from National Postal Forum 2018

Last week ScanData sent team members to the National Postal Forum in San Antonio. It was a great opportunity to get to know our partners at the USPS, learn more about where USPS is headed, and of course network with shipper and carrier industry experts.


April 2018

Business Case for Change

You have a compelling case for change but how large are the risks, what are the potential rewards, and who needs to be convinced? By covering all your bases you will increase your chances of getting a green light to move forward.


March 2018

Let's Talk Support

With a little due diligence, you can stop support issues in their tracks before they play out.


February 2018

ScanData on tour!

We hope to see you at one of the various trade shows we will be attending. Reach out to us anytime to schedule a meeting, and/or drop by our booth.

FedEx Compatibles Summit

February 18-20

Omni Hotel, Dallas, Texas

Ecommerce Operations Summit

Booth #126

April 3-5

Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio

National Postal Forum

Booth #324

May 6-9

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas

Parcel Forum

Booth #109

September 24-26

Renaissance Schaumburg, Chicago, Illinois

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January 2018

We're proud to announce that we've achieved FedEx Compatible Gold Status for 2018!

When looking for a trusted business solution, you can count on us - 2018 FedEx Compatible Gold.

Now is the Time to Prepare for Peak Season...2018 - Part 3 of 3

In our last installment, we explore "what will be" in three key areas - faster delivery, globalization, and blockchain - and offer some high-level guidance to help you prepare...


December 2017

Now is the Time to Prepare for Peak Season...2018 - Part 2 of 3

In Part 2, we dive into taking action from the insights that bubble up through parcel shipping data. If you're like most organizations, getting big answers from big data - to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and operational efficiency - still presents a challenge. We believe there are three areas where the analysis of big data can make a significant difference in how you manage your operation...


November 2017

Now is the Time to Prepare for Peak Season...2018

The responsibility of delivering holiday joy to millions of customers is quite a burden to carry. The modern customer expects faster and freer delivery despite your volume and carrier fee increases. Add to the mix the challenge of recruiting new talent, managing space, implementing new technology, and assuring you have the shipping materials to meet rising demand. The icing on the cake is 2017 introduced dramatic change across the parcel industry...


September 2017

Top Takeaways from Parcel Forum 2017

Last week ScanData sent team members to Parcel Forum '17 in Nashville for three days of intense networking and education. Attendance and energy was high as all participants were eager to share and learn how to be proactive in an industry experiencing 20% annual growth, facing rapid change due to this growth, needing to combat accelerating carrier costs, and feeling the "Amazon Effect" (of course you can't have a credible conference in virtually any industry these days without hyper-analyzing Amazon's every move)...


Parcel Sortation

How parcel sortation contributes to business advantage

Competing with agility and speed has dominated the business press for years. Doing things faster, at less cost, and more effectively than competitors, creates a lasting source of business advantage. And-if you're looking to meet customer demand for free or heavily discounted shipping, while deploying faster, more cost-effective fulfillment systems, give serious consideration to zone skipping through sortation. Here's why:


August 2017

Alternate Delivery Locations

Are You Prepared to Offer Alternate Delivery Locations?

Customers show they are willing to trade off the convenience of home delivery for improved shipping reliability and cost savings.

Customer journey mapping has become all the rage when it comes to competing in a digital world. In the case of small parcel shipping, examining the customer journey reveals a willingness of buyers to forgo the convenience of traditional point-to-point residential delivery in favor of the hub-and-spoke model's use of third parties, which we call Alternate Delivery Locations (ADLs).


FedEx Ship Manager® Server 2017: Why You Should Consider an Upgrade

Each August shippers receive an expected FedEx gift: the annual FSMS upgrade. Given peak season code freezes and the desire to let the releases "burn-in," many will delay the decision until the new year. Still, it's never too early to get an understanding of the FSMS17 impact, especially if you'll eventually need to justify your organization's migration plan.


July 2017

ScanData is heading to Parcel Forum 2017 in Nashville, TN. Come visit us at booth #414!

June 2017

ScanData is now a certified provider of FSMS Version 16

A free tool from FedEx for high-volume shippers, FedEx Ship Manager Server lets you fully integrate FedEx services into your existing IT system and shipping process, so you can streamline your supply chain and relevant data with ease. You can run FedEx Ship Manager Server on a local client or integrate the application with your current shipping operations, bringing the power of FedEx services to your shipping station for local and worldwide deliveries.

ScanData also offers a proprietary approach to further increase throughput and decrease down time related to potential FedEx server outages.

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