ScanData Solutions - Integration

  • The ScanData application and database server(s) can be virtual, clustered, and high-availability.
  • We can accept data from the Host in a number of ways: XML, ODBC, File, EDI, Socket, API.
  • ScanData's Communications Administrator is our primary data management tool; it provides views into the raw data transferred, the transformed/validated data, and the logging resulting from the data transfer and processing. This application allows for the visibility to troubleshoot and promptly correct various data transfer issues.

Integration varies dramatically across clients and often includes:

  • Manhattan
  • IBM
  • JDA
  • Oracle
  • Homegrown/custom systems

Relevant carrier integrations include:

  • FedEx FSMS certification
  • UPS Ready certification
  • USPS e-VS certification
  • Manifest EDI
  • Tracking: Delivery status and exceptions
  • Billing files/Invoices
  • Conveyors
  • In-line scales
  • Scanners
  • Print and Apply
  • Sorters

ScanData Systems

ScanData, the leading provider of parcel transportation management solutions (PTMS), has over thirty years of experience in the development and deployment of parcel shipping solutions.

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