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2019 Gartner Market Guide: ScanData recognized in fastest-growing supply chain segment, Multicarrier Parcel TMS.

ScanData Systems was once again recognized by Gartner in the Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Solution (MCPMS) Quadrant. In a highly competitive field, ScanData Systems, stands out amongst domestic and internationally focused providers. This year the focus has been on the rapid growth of faster shipping as Gartner says, “The cost of transportation is the largest part of the delivery cost, due to mode changes from bulk freight to small parcel. Shippers often lack the tools to optimize their transportation spend effectively.”

As a Key Finding in their Market Guide, Gartner points out that most companies are slow in adopting new technologies to optimize their small parcel shipping strategies, and find themselves in reactive mode while delivery costs are rising. As buyer behavior changes, companies are looking to expand their service offerings from traditional TMSs to take advantage of functionality that a MCPMS can offer. For example, adding Zone Skipping functionality and/or multivariable rate shopping can save double digit percentages on shipping costs.

Today Shippers need to be looking at their carrier network and systems to make sure they are taking advantage of every optimization event as the speed of delivery increases. It is both Gartner and ScanData’s recommendation that Shippers utilize a multi-carrier parcel transportation management system that is fully integrated within their System Architecture to pass bidirectional information between each system. A fully utilized MCPMS can and will integrate both upstream and downstream (DOMS/OMS, ERP, WMS, WCS, TMS, the Carriers, etc.) to provide input on estimated shipping costs, order fulfillment origin DC, optimized order batching, routing information, and consolidation events.

In the report, ScanData was recognized for:

  • Drop Ship and Ship from Store ready

  • Robust Rate Shopping

  • Carrier Agility

  • High Volume/Transaction Speed – Peak of >2MM packages/day

  • 24x7 support

  • Implementation speed

  • Retail and Pharmaceutical industry breadth

  • ScanData has been a leader in the small parcel space for over 30 years; click here to discover why.

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