FSMS Version 17

FedEx Ship Manager® Server 2017: Why You Should Consider an Upgrade

Understand the impact of FSMS17

Each August shippers receive an expected FedEx gift: the annual FSMS upgrade. Given peak season code freezes and the desire to let the releases "burn-in," many will delay the decision until the new year. Still, it's never too early to get an understanding of the FSMS17 impact, especially if you'll eventually need to justify your organization's migration plan.

This year, FedEx targets international shipping, dangerous goods, and status visibility/reporting.

International Shipping: The FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) shipping solution, which enables the uploading and submitting of trade documentation, now provides options beyond paperless (regardless of the electronic documentation policy of the accepting organization). An Electronic with Originals (EWO) feature provides uploading of documents for countries that require paper copies. EWO allows for early broker review and issue resolution while sustaining compliance for paper copies. An additional feature enhancement for shipments to/from Canada consolidates shipments for customs clearance via International Ground Consolidation(IGC), potentially reducing processing time and brokerage costs.

Dangerous Goods Shipping: Dangerous Good declarations and Hazardous Materials forms can now be uploaded before creating the shipping label, reducing error correction and processing time. Specifically, for Lithium Batteries, you can select the Section II Lithium Battery classification appropriate to your shipment.

Visibility and Notification: In FSMS17, this feature is enhanced once again, giving shippers the option to receive Estimated Delivery Notifications (EDN) for SmartPost® shipments. Messaging notifications for key events can be better managed via the FedEx Ship Manager Server. The "Hold at Location" service provides the flexibility to select specific "Hold at Location" areas that match specific Location IDs.

In Conclusion

Over the past two years, FedEx has offset its plan to sunset FSMS legacy support with more aggressive enhancement releases. Shippers running FSMS12 or older should seriously consider migrating to a newer version in the coming twelve months or risk non-compliance. Version 16 or 17 is also worth serious consideration if you ship internationally, use SmartPost®, ship hazardous/dangerous goods, or have a goal to increase direct management of your delivery notification settings.